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Airtel Leased Lines in Chandigarh

Leased Line Services

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Airtel Leased Lines in Chandigarh

Airtel Leased Line Connection in Chandigarh

Features of Airtel Leased Line Connection:

  • Symmetrical Speed
  • Reliable Connection
  • Easy Scalability
  • Unparalleled Service Level
  • Dedicated Connectivity
  • 24*7 Monitoring Services

Airtel Leased Line Tariff Plans in Chandigarh:

MPLS Leased Circuit (Wire line/Wireless) charges:

*On Net Charges

Bandwidth Annual Recurring Cost One Time Cost Router Charges

256 kbps 67,416 11,236 5,618

512 kbps 94,944 11,236 5,618

1Mbps 1, 41,012 11,236 5,618

2Mbps 2, 24,158 11,236 5,618

*Off Net Charges

1) Bandwidth: 256 Kbps
Annual Recurring Cost: Wired - Rs.1, 12,364
Wireless - Rs. 78,592
One Time Cost: Wired – Rs. 46,068
Wireless - Rs. 39,326
Router Management Charges: Rs. 5,618

2 ) Bandwidth : 512 Kbps
Annual Recurring Cost: Wired - Rs.1, 28,380
Wireless - Rs. 1, 21,305
One Time Cost: Wired – Rs. 46,068
Wireless – Rs. 39,326
Router Management Charges: Rs. 5,618

3) Bandwidth: 1 Mbps
Annual Recurring Cost: Wired - Rs.1, 52,373
Wireless - Rs. 1, 90,682
One Time Cost: Wired – Rs. 46,068
Wireless – Rs.39, 326
Router Management Charges: Rs. 5,618

4) Bandwidth: 2 Mbps
Annual Recurring Cost: Wired - Rs.2, 42,720
Wireless - Rs. 3, 63,942
One Time Cost: Wired – Rs. 46,068
Wireless – Rs.39, 326
Router Management Charges: Rs. 5,618

Airtel makes your life easy and more interesting with its low cost reliable connection. In this modern era, every business has to face a tough competition with its competitors. As we all know internet plays an important role in the development of any business. Business may be big or small, it needs a good management. For this purpose, a good and speedy internet connection is a necessity.

High speed connectivity is the demand of time and business. Your business needs a seamless, reliable connection with direct and easy connectivity with your customers and suppliers in all over the world.

Leased Line connection is an ideal connection for business purpose. Leased line connection is a premium product of internet connectivity. This connection is delivered over fiber or wi-fi. Various telecommunication companies provide this service.

Airtel promises to give you a better experience than others. Express yourself with Bharti Airtel. Airtel Communication provides a dedicated connection and connectivity to the people. Airtel communication offers the internet leased lines services having various specifications of fast path, high speed, reliable data connection, point to point connectivity etc.

Except these features Bharti Airtel in Chandigarh provides you the many other incredible salient features, which makes you feel far better in comparison to another leased line connections. It offers class A ISP in PAN India. Airtel provides direct connectivity across India. Airtel offers dual internet gateway. Airtel has maximum international Internet bandwidth. It provides multiple cable routes, and many more.

Airtel is a huge network that also provides various services to many organizations with permanent and dedicated internet connectivity. Airtel Leased Lines Corporation mainly depends upon the factors of Bandwidth Denominations, concurrency ratios and local loops. From the business point of view the corporation offers 1 Giga byte per second high speed with Ethernet, Online performance reporting, Carrier-grade connectivity, Robust and resilient backbone capacity etc. Airtel Communications provide comprehensive range of services for the ease of customers such as level of access, payment method and bandwidth. Airtel Leased Lines services deliver reliable and cost effective communications and provide supports to the customers 24 hours per day.

To avail this service or to know more, you can contact us at

91-9988830652, 09888886172

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