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Airtel 4G Plans in Chandigarh

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Airtel 4G Plans in Chandigarh

Airtel 4G Plans in Chandigarh: Call 09888886172, 09888884172, 08054043232

Gone are the days of GPRS, 2G, EDGEor 3G. Time has come to browse @ 100Megabits/sec to 1Gbits/sec. And it all is again provided by Airtel 4G (4Gis fourth generation of telecommunication technology). Airtel took the initiative to unearth 4G to Indian customers in 2012 and now it has base in more than 40 cities. Airtel is currently the only provider of 4G services in India. Airtel being the largest mobile telecommunication provider in India has assured manyadvantages and services to give to its customers. Various advantages of Airtel and Airtel 4G are as below:

  • Only service provider with 4G services
  • Largest mobile network coverage (telecommunication as well as 4G)
  • Hassle free talk as quality of telecommunication is best
  • Plans and services according to uses of customers
  • Committed to deliver best to its customers

It does not end here only, services provided and customer satisfaction is proof of it. And it was also proved when Airtel became the first Indian telecom service provider to achieve Cisco Gold Certification.

Airtel provides various 4G services namely with Airtel 4G plans in Chandigarh are as below:

  1. Mobile Services –Mobile services are provided at 3G prices. While providing facility to upgrade your Airtel 3G sim to Airtel 4G, Airtel didn’t change the myplan features. So Airtel let customers to choose as it did in past with myplan facility.The only change in it is the new addition i.e. myPlan Infinity.
  • myPlan
  • myPlan Infinity

Both are provided as per customer needs and budget.

  1. Hotspot services – provides 2 options:
  • 4G Hotspot – for those who want to take away their Wifi home facility to outdoor with features like -WiFi Hotspot for up to 10 devices, without using any USB port.

It all made possible with battery inside this device that lasts approx. 6 hours+.

(Device cost approx. 2300 INR)

  • 4G Dongle – when you want your hotspot to last for more time and weigh less then this the answer with features - simple plug & play (USB port) and Micro SD card slot helps use the Dongle as a memory stick

(Device cost approx. 1500INR)

There are various plans for 4G Hotspot and 4G Dongle with Price tag (Data Limit) in postpaid are:

450(2GB), 650(3GB), 750(4GB), 999(10GB), 1299(12GB), 1449(15GB), 2049(25GB), 2999(45GB), 4799(80GB)

Special offers : 2999(15GB) for 2 months and 3999(12Gb) for 3 months

*Post data charges are 5paise/100kb

  1. Home services – 4G Home WiFilets user connects to all his/herWiFi enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs and security systemsup to 32 devices


Plan Description

Validity and Limit


Home WiFi (postpaid)

Limit - 3GB

Bill Shield– 1495

Speed Reduced -128kbps


Home WiFi (postpaid)

Limit - 10GB,

Bill Shield - 1995

Speed Reduced -128kbps


Home WiFi (postpaid)

Limit - 15GB,

Bill Shield - 3295

Speed Reduced -128kbps


Home WiFi (postpaid)

Limit - 30GB,

Bill Shield - 3995

Speed Reduced -128kbps


Home WiFi (postpaid)

Limit - 50GB,

Bill Shield - 4995

Speed Reduced -128kbps


Home WiFi (postpaid)

Limit - 100GB,

Bill Shield - 6995

Speed Reduced -128kbps


Home WiFi (postpaid)

Limit - 160GB,

Bill Shield - 9995

Speed Reduced -128kbps

So, are you 4G ready?

Call now 09888886172 and Book a demo.

Enjoy the Airtel 4G plans in Chandigarh.

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